Project Triumph - Coming Soon

Project Triumph(placeholder name) is an upcoming browser-based social-political strategy MMORPG.

Based on the real world, you choose which country you join before you begin to build your future.

With multiple modules(or facets of the game), each one of them offering high customizability to suit your experience, you choose who you want to be.

Political module: Start a political party, or join an existing one. Run for President, Congressman, or mayor, while politically strategizing with your party colleagues in order to get laws passed(such as embargos, taxes, and more!). Vote in elections. Join the President's cabinet. Publish articles in newspapers to persuade people to vote for you. Or, you can go rogue and begin a civil war to overthrow the current rulers(But be sure to have the resources and support to sustain it because making a civil war succeed will be difficult!)

Economic module: Get a job in someone else's business or start your own business, either one based on the pre-existing in-game business types or a custom one where you can sell any item or service you like. Is your business growing rapidly? Start selling its shares and have other people invested in its success. Gather wealth, and use it to fund your pursuits. Take advertisements out in the local newspaper, buy some real estate, or trade currencies of different countries and buy other businesses to generate even more wealth!

Military module: Is your nation under attack by a neighboring country? Fight alongside your countrymen for your nation's survival or, if you please, to conquer resource-rich regions from other countries. Become a decorated war hero. Use weapons purchased from player-owned businesses to increase your impact on the battlefield!

Justice module: Settle disputes using judges, and sign admin-enforced contracts.

Project Triumph offers you the chance to partake in all the modules above, along with the social module, and so much more. Every decision you make affects the lives of other real players, as the game is designed to be 99% created by its users, with everything in a single server. The possibilities are endless in Project Triumph.

Release date: Unannounced.

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